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Hello, K-pop enthusiasts! Are you ready for a spectacular show that will shake your emotions and awaken your senses?! This is not just an ordinary dance competition - it's a true feast for your artistic souls. Join our K-pop family, where talent knows no bounds, and passion burns brighter than ever! Are you ready for a dance challenge that will exceed your wildest expectations? Join us now and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the world of K-pop music and dance!

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Wanna dance? ;)




Our competition is aimed at dance groups eager to take on the challenge and dance to the most popular Korean music tracks. It's an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your dancing skills and dedication to K-pop culture.

During judging, we'll pay attention to every aspect of your performance.


  1. Choreography will be crucial - we're looking for solid, well-directed dance routines that will move the audience's hearts.

  2. Additionally, we'll assess synchronization, the group's ability to execute moves perfectly in unison.

  3. Costumes will also be taken into consideration - we're searching for outfits that match the character of the song and accentuate your unique style.

  4. Don't forget about lipsync - a technique that will allow you to perfectly convey the emotions contained in the songs.

All these elements together will create an unforgettable spectacle that will surely be remembered by the audience.

가입하고 춤추세요!

Our competition is not only a chance to win attractive prizes but above all an opportunity to share your passion with other K-pop enthusiasts. Are you ready for an exciting adventure where talent meets determination, and rhythms meet passion?

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