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Cosplay is a very important part of Magnificon's culture - our events strive to support this incredibly colorful and creative passion with all our might. We warmly encourage every cosplayer to participate in our diverse activities prepared especially for them!


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Pick your

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solo/group competition

Especially for beginner cosplayers who want to showcase their skills and creativity on stage. It's a perfect opportunity for you to debut in the world of cosplay and discover your talents.

solo/group competition

Open to all Magnificon attendees, this competition will allow you to showcase your best costumes and embody your favorite characters from pop culture. We're looking forward to your fantastic creations and captivating performances!

An opportunity to participate in an international event for cosplay duos! Two-person teams will have the chance to compete in the qualifiers for the final, which will take place during the BICOF festival in South Korea.

duo comeptition

Qualifiers for the international Europa Cosplay Cup (E2C), a solo competition with the final during the Toulouse Game Show, which will take place from November 30th to December 1st in Toulouse, France.

solo competition

The organizers of the WCS competition invite you to a special edition of their contest, where two-person teams present short recordings, competing for a chance to travel to Japan (Nagoya) for the WCS finals as special guests!

duo competition

Jump in the costume and...

At Magnificon as a cosplayer, you can expect a plethora of attractions! Take part in contests to showcase your unique creations to our audience and compete for fantastic prizes. Additionally, we invite you to our photo studio for professional photoshoots in various settings, where you can immortalize your cosplay! There will also be lectures, workshops, and meetings with special guests who will share their experiences and tips with you. If that's not enough for you - strut your stuff on the runway during catwalk shows and feel like a true star!

So, are you already rummaging through your wardrobe? :)

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