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Magnificon Expo is a recurring gathering for all who love Japanese pop culture and everything related to it! Since 2003, Krakow has become the capital for fans of anime, manga, games, and music from K-pop and J-pop. For a few days, enthusiasts come together here to celebrate their passions and explore new areas of pop culture.

At Magnificon, you'll find a true feast for the senses. From inspiring panel discussions, workshops, and competitions to enlightening meetings with special guests - there's something for everyone. And for cosplay fans, it's a true haven! Here, the most creative souls showcase their extraordinary costumes, inspiring others to express themselves artistically.

And let's not forget about the culinary journey! At Magnificon, you'll encounter a wealth of flavors from Asian cuisine, from traditional dishes to modern delicacies that will transport you on culinary adventures to the heart of Japan and Korea! 🍜🍣🍱

But Magnificon is not just a festival - it's also a community that constantly promotes Japanese culture and literature, as well as developing the manga market in Poland. Thanks to the dedication and passion of fans, Magnificon has become not only a meeting place for Japanese pop culture enthusiasts but also an important factor shaping the Polish cultural scene. We're here to create, inspire, and enjoy together!

What is a convention?

Who are we and what do we do?
We are a group of enthusiasts who realize their ideas with passion and genuine joy. Our main goal is to organize educational and entertainment events that both bring the topic of Japanese culture and pop culture closer and allow for useful and enjoyable time spending. Conventions are events that gather not only a huge number of fans of Japanese culture, but also people fascinated by fantasy comics, and above all manga and anime. If you don't know what a convention is, a few of the following questions and answers should clarify everything for you.

What is a convention?
Conventions are, in this case, meetings of enthusiasts and sympathizers of Japanese culture and pop culture (there are also conventions for fans of fantasy and other thematic gatherings). The meetings usually last 2 or 3 days and usually take place in educational institutions, exhibition halls, or cultural centers. The meeting has a cultural character, and it hosts discussions, competitions, workshops, and presentations dedicated to various issues more or less related to Japanese culture and pop culture. The attractions are often led by representatives of Japanese culture centers, clubs dedicated to it, as well as students of East Asian cultures and artistic fields. Conventions are mainly aimed at young people, and students of primary, secondary, and higher schools, but often adults or parents with younger children also attend.

Are conventions safe?

Of course! Conventions always have security responsible for the safety of the meeting. The convention regulations are rigorously followed, clearly stating issues such as the prohibition of possessing and consuming alcohol and drugs, as well as possessing weapons. Additionally, the regulations widely describe the rules of cultural behavior and safety during the meeting. The fact that the convention is a ticketed event also means that individuals not interested in Japanese culture but wanting to enter the building to disrupt order will not pass the entrance control. There is round-the-clock medical assistance at the festival site, so even in the event of an accident or illness, we can react quickly and provide necessary assistance. Additionally, due to the ongoing pandemic, we have implemented several solutions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus - all following the orders of the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate.

Are there any age restrictions?
The subject matter of our meetings allows participation for everyone, regardless of age. The youngest participants should of course take part in the meeting under the care of adults (or possibly older siblings or friends). However, the organization of the meeting and the selection of attractions make our conventions completely safe, even for very young people.

Can people with disabilities participate in the convention?
Absolutely yes, and we will always make every effort to ensure that such individuals have equal opportunities to enjoy our convention attractions. The only issue we may not have full control over is the proper adaptation of the rented facility, but we always think about how to arrange the rooms so that people with disabilities can take advantage of as much of the meeting as possible. The Expo Krakow building is very well adapted to the needs of wheelchair users.

Is the convention a place for me?
If you watch anime, read manga, listen to Japanese music, dream of traveling to Japan, want to learn Japanese or study the culture of this country, play Japanese games on consoles/computers, like Japanese cuisine, are interested in the culture of this country, play Japanese logic games or solve puzzles, are interested in Eastern martial arts, or even if you are fascinated by China or Korea or just want to have a great and useful time – then definitely YES! Just one of these things is enough, and you will surely find yourself at our meeting.

Co jeszcze potrzebuję wiedzieć jadąc na konwent?

  1. It's always better to reserve a ticket and make a prepayment as it helps avoid queues when buying a ticket and offers many other benefits mentioned in the ticket section.

  2. If you have any illness (not infectious, because then you should stay at home!), it's better to inform the medical staff – they will always be able to help you more effectively in case of health problems.

  3. Be sure to read the regulations! Although you have to accept the regulations to buy a ticket, it's always worth reading what you're signing :).

  4. When going to such a meeting, it's also important to remember that the convention is not only an organization but also largely people who work as staff, creators of attractions, and participants who also contribute a lot to the meeting. Everyone needs to be kind and polite to each other, and take care of order and safety – thanks to this, the meeting will surely be an unforgettable experience.

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