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Criteria and performance format

In this contest solo or group stage presentations are evaluated. For solo performers, the time limit for the performance is 2 minutes, while for groups, it is 5 minutes.

Scoring in the contest is distributed as follows:
costume assessment (accuracy to the reference image and execution) - 50%, performance assessment - 50%.


Beginner cosplayers who have participated in no more than three cosplay contests are eligible to participate. Photographic and online contests are not considered.


Any costume made independently by the participant based on source reference - officially released mangas, animes, tv series, movies & videogames. The costume must be presented in a stage cosplay contest for the first time. Previous use in photographic contests or "for personal use" after the convention does not exclude it from the Magnificon contest. Costumes that go beyond the bounds of good taste (offensive to specific individuals or groups, pornographic, etc.) will not be allowed in the contest.


To participate in the contest, you must register using the registration form linked at the bottom of the page. This must be done by May 5, 2024, by 11:59 PM.

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