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Cosplay video competition


Criteria and performance format

In this competition, solo stage presentations lasting up to two minutes are evaluated, with the participant's costume required to be self-made. Participation of any individuals other than the elimination participant (including remotely) is excluded.

The selected participant from Poland will qualify for the international final.

Scoring in the competition is distributed as follows: costume assessment (faithfulness to the reference image and craftsmanship) - 50%, performance assessment - 50%. Additionally, one reserve participant will be designated. Coverage of travel costs to Toulouse and accommodation during the competition is part of the prize for the finalist.


Participants must be Polish citizens or permanently reside in Poland. They must also be at least 18 years old by November 24, 2024. Individuals who have judged any elimination contest for the current E2C edition are ineligible to participate in the Magnificon eliminations (or any others in this E2C cycle).


Costumes already presented in other competitions are allowed for elimination, provided that no more than a year has passed since their stage premiere, and they have not been used in the finals of international tournaments or won any elimination contests for these tournaments. Costumes previously presented in eliminations but not winning are allowed. Costumes exceeding the bounds of good taste (offensive to specific individuals or groups, pornographic, etc.) will not be permitted in the competition.


To participate in the competition, you must register via the registration form linked at the bottom of the page. This must be done by May 5, 2024, at 23:59.

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