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Hey, let's go Magnificon!

Magnificon Expo is a recurring festival dedicated to Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, music, games, and much more. Organized since 2003 in Krakow, it gathers enthusiasts from all over Poland for a weekend full of discussion panels, workshops, competitions, and special guests. It is also recognized as the cradle of Polish cosplay, where cosplayers have the opportunity to showcase their latest costumes and creations, inspiring others to creativity and artistic expression. Magnificon regularly invites popular music stars from the Land of the Rising Sun and Korea, further enriching the time spent at the event. Moreover, anyone seeking culinary experiences will surely not be disappointed with a visit to Magnificon.

But that's not all! The Magnificon community plays a key role in the development of the manga market in Poland, promoting Japanese culture and literature and contributing to increased interest and accessibility of manga in the country. Thanks to the dedication and passion of fans, Magnificon has become not only a meeting place for Japanese pop culture enthusiasts but also an important factor shaping the Polish cultural scene!


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