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Cosplay duo

This cosplay duo, celebrating their tenth anniversary of collaboration this year, has been immersed in cosplay for even longer, boasting a combined 30 years of experience! They represented Poland in the 2019 finals of the International Cosplay League and in the 2022 finals of Clara Cow's Cosplay Cup. With numerous cosplay awards to their name, including many for their stage performances 🏆, they have also served as judges at cosplay competitions and organized contests at events like Rudy Mithril, Tsuru Japan Festival 2022, and Aicon 2023. Active on various social media platforms, they generously share their knowledge and experience on their YouTube channel and more recently on TikTok! 🎥 Always ready to offer advice and support to novice cosplayers, you can find them at the Cosplay Repair Point during Magnificon! So if your costumes need rescuing, Wi Cosplay will be there to help, and you can also chat with them, take a memorable photo, or grab a free anniversary mini print.

Additionally, this year, Wojti will make his debut as a judge in the cosplay competition! With 13 years of cosplay experience and co-founder of the Wi Cosplay duo, Wojti is also a UI designer in the video game industry and a dog dad in his personal life. During the judging process, he pays particular attention to accuracy to reference images, proportions, and above all, stage performance and expression of emotions on stage!

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