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Since 2006, Annshella has been honing her cosplay skills. For nearly 17 years, she proudly represented her country in prestigious international competitions such as ECG in 2015 and C4 in 2017, winning both, as well as at the World Cosplay Summit in 2018 in Japan. These triumphs were the ultimate recognition of her hard work and talent. Constantly eager to share her passion, Annshella visits French and international conventions to meet other cosplayers. However, her true love lies in connecting with the audience during stage performances. In 2018, she founded and continues to lead the EventShella troupe - an association of volunteers united by a shared passion for performing arts! This talented team of twenty artists has already staged four major cosplay productions, including adaptations of audience-beloved tales such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anastasia, Frozen, and Beauty and the Beast.
Despite the passage of time, Annshella's passion for cosplay remains unwavering, and she delights in sharing her love for the craft with cosplayers worldwide! She can't wait to meet you at Magni! 🌟



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